About .Monster

.Monster is for those—human and non-human alike—who don't play by the rules. There are endless ways you can bring your .Monster domain to life.

XYZ family

The domain ending made for scary good ideas®

.Monster has been resurrected by the XYZ family and is the 12th domain extension launched by the registry overall. XYZ also operates .xyz, one of the world's most popular domain extensions, along with domain endings like .College, .Rent, and .Cars.

XYZ family

How to get a .Monster domain

Search for and register your .Monster domain at any of our participating registrar partners.

Grab Your .Monster

How to choose your .Monster domain

The possibilities you have with your .Monster domain are as imaginative as you are. Ready to make a website with a little bite?

Get your own .Monster domain today.

Lend a helping hand

  • Debt.Monster
  • PersonalTraining.Monster

Show your beastly skills

  • Design.Monster
  • SEO.Monster

Fit with your Monster themed brand

  • Trucks.Monster
  • Movies.Monster

Make a novelty, parody, or satire site

  • FindA.Monster
  • BadPerson.Monster

Stand out from the crowd

  • YourName.Monster
  • YourNickname.Monster

Give your business some bite

  • YourBrand.Monster
  • YourCompany.Monster

Succumb to your evil side

  • Fail.Monster
  • Real.Monster

Gather your community of like-minded creatures

  • YourTeam.Monster
  • YourLeague.Monster

Get a cleverly named website

  • Mash.Monster
  • LochNess.Monster

Make a fan page for your favorite (or least favorite) monster

  • Frankensteins.Monster
  • Cookie.Monster

For guidance on choosing the perfect .Monster domain for you, contact us.